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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Your Ticket To Fun!

Okay,  I know that title is a little presumptuous.  "Your Ticket To Fun!"  But as 2014 draws to a close, I am reflecting on what matters in my own life and what matters in the greater scheme of things.  I have spent many years chasing many rainbows.  They always seems to slip away just when I get to the gold.  But it sure has been fun chasing them!  So now... as I contemplate... having fun has become my mission.  I am on a mission for FUN.  To make life more fun.  That is my Sharpo! Entertainment Productions mission for 2015:  To make life more fun for my audiences.

Get your ticket to fun!  You know what makes performing and entertaining so exciting for me?  Interacting with the audience.  I have made a career out of getting people to play along.  My events are part show and they are also part game. Thank you all who have made "Sharpo!" a top rated , highly acclaimed production!

As I get older I am thinking about what really matters in this life and what makes me happy and what stresses me out.  You know what?  Hollywood stresses me out.  Hollywood takes all the fun out of my unique brand of entertainment.  How does the old song go? "I gotta be me."  So... I think moving forward, I am going to let go of the stresses of Hollywood and the "business".  I am very lucky and grateful for the opportunities I have enjoyed over the years.  I realize now  that life is short so let's squeeze as much fun out of this life as we can.  Lets live it up and laugh it up.

Are you with me?  Are we going to do this thing in 2015?  The "Fun" thing?  In 2015 I am going to play detective, magician, pirate and clown.  I am going to rev up my conversational comedy  and dive headfirst in to the adventure of life.  Let the good times roll.

In upcoming blogs I will highlight the many incredible California venues I have played at over the years.

Here's some magic for ya!  See ya at the show.

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